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The title of Magic Island Florianópolis is attributed to more and more sense. Able to meet nature and historical heritage preserved with big city infrastructure, the capital so bewitches many tourists end up coming back ... to stay. They are only 436.5 km square, however, capable of sheltering beaches, lagoons, dunes, trails across the Atlantic, colonial architecture, archaeological sites, beautiful people and cuisine of the first. There charms!

The big attractions are the beaches of Floripa they say, even a hundred. In each region, one peculiarity - in the East, where they are Mole and Joaquina, surfing and flirting are registered trademarks. To the north, the sea calm Jurerê, Canasvieiras and attracts British and Argentine families. Since the beaches of the South are more rustic and are untouched postcard to East Pond . On the issue of sports, the island is not the exclusive privilege of surfers. Generous, encourages the practice of many activities in and out of water, such as sandboarding - lowering of dunes on a wooden plank -, wind and kite surfing, paragliding and trekking.

“ On the beaches of the East, where they are Campeche, Joaquina and Mole, surfing and flirting roll loose ”

Settled by Azorean immigrants, the capital keeps the small villages in their cultural and religious practices brought by the Portuguese. In the villages of Ribeirão da Ilha and Santo Antonio de Lisboa inheritance are still preserved in the architecture, and pottery and food and income, based on oysters produced in the region. Speaking of seafood, freshly baked they come also to the tables of restaurants scattered around the Lagoa da Conceição in the center of the island. There, also focus the majority of bars, nightclubs and cafes, night life and buzz ensuring the entire year.

There is much to see, enjoy and learn in the land of Manny, as they are called the natives of the island. Only in the category beaches are a hundred options, not to mention that each one has its particularity, is related to nature, to patrons or activities. And has the story, told through the strong exploited in schooner, from cave paintings hidden in the Ilha do Campeche, the Azorean villages Ribeirão da Ilha and Santo Antonio de Lisboa ...

To understand the geography of the city, which combines beaches, dunes, lakes and mountains, climb on natural viewpoints, such as the Morro da Cruz. It's time to dive into the joyful spirit of the island and mingle with the locals, all roads lead to restless night of Lagoa da Conceição.

Campeche Island

Country's only island declared a National Archaeological Heritage and Landscape, houses Campeche beaches of transparent waters. The greatest wealth, however, are the dozens of inscriptions on archaeological sites protected and accessible by trails with accompanying guides. The best way to reach the island is through the fishing boats leaving the beach Frame, south of Floripa. In the summer, schooners leave Barra da Lagoa (East). Do not forget the mask and snorkel to swim among the fish.

Schooner and island fortresses

Two routes lead to impressive and preserved the region's strengths aboard schooners. The tour that part of Hercílio Luz is the most complete - is six hours long and makes stops in Fort Santa Cruz Anhatomirim and the Fortress of St. Anthony of Mice, passed through the Bay of Dolphins. Which starts already at the beach does not include Canasvieiras Mice, lasting five hours. Both have stopped for lunch.


The new statistics show that one hundred houses Florianopolis beaches. As it is virtually impossible to know all in one trip alone, make a selection and grouping them by region is guaranteed to meet the crème de la crème of the island. In the north, the script should include the calm waters of Jurerê, Canasvieiras, Ponta das Canas Beach Pond and Brava. The tour eastward can not leave out the good waves of Mozambique, Barra da Lagoa, Praia Mole and Joaquina. In the South, predominantly rustic fishing villages, the beaches of Campeche, Frame, Marsh ...

Azorean villages

The Azorean who reached the island 200 years ago they bequeathed the districts of Santo Antonio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha. Along the coast, preserving the customs, traditions and architecture so characteristic of the colonizers - colorful houses and townhouses. In San Antonio the most prominent are the houses, the baroque church of Our Lady of Needs - the stage of the Feast of the Divine - the craft of the House and the Azorean landscape formed by fishing boats. In the Ribeirão da Ilha homes are more preserved. In local restaurants, oysters ...

Lagoa da Conceição

Located in the geographical center of the island, Lagoa da Conceição is not only famous for being the point of Florianópolis night. The postcard is framed by ancient constructions (Corner of Araçás), fishing villages with bars and restaurants (Canto da Lagoa), craftsmanship cores, windsurfing schools ... To appreciate up to 15 square kilometers of water surface and around the gazebo to follow the Morro da Lagoa restaurant or the point of view, after the Praia Mole - the landscape is the perfect deck.


The many hills that frame Florianópolis won status of natural viewpoints. In addition to unveiling beautiful views, help to understand the geography of the island. One of the most sought after is the Morro da Cruz, in the center. Easy to access, display bays north and west with Hercílio Luz in the background. Go in the setting of the sun. Since the Morro da Lagoa enjoy the beaches of Barra da Lagoa, Cruet and Mole, and Lagoa da Conceição.

Visit the History Center

A tour of the Historic Center of Florianópolis is not just to visit and enjoy building facades of different architectural styles. The tour around the Praça XV of November is a guarantee of good shopping and pottery found in the Customs House, and a table laden with food: the City Public Market is full of bars that serve typical delicacies - book Saturday morning to sit in Box 32 on the side of manezinhos. Indulge yourself with codfish cakes, shrimp cakes and of course fresh oysters in champagne wet. To accompany, cachaça flavored ginger.

Beira Mar Avenue North and Hercílio Luz

Meeting point for those seeking a good way, the Avenida Beira Mar Norte comes alive at the end of the day. It is during sunset sun increases the movement of athletes, bars and restaurants open their doors and Hercílio Luz is lit. Although banned for car traffic and pedestrians since 1982, the bridge is the postcard of Florianópolis. The book was listed as a Historic and Artistic and is considered one of the largest structures in the world thinks.

Night life

The surroundings of Lagoa da Conceição, with bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs - especially the Confraternity of the Arts - concentrate the night life on the island year round. In summer, the north coast also has buzz, especially in the beach bars Canasvieiras, Brava, the British and Cachoeira do Bom Jesus, and Jurerê, where does the Spanish branch of the nightclub Pacha and El Divino club. The same happens in South Beach Frame.