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Rua: Pau de Canela, 450 - Rio Tavares - Florianópolis - Brasil

Welcome to GreenHouse Hostel

In 2011 we upgraded from a GuestHouse to a Hostel. We are certain to be one of the best options for you to enjoy your stay in Florianópolis! We are located in a peaceful area close to the beach and surrounded by nature. Our property is spacious, comfortable and offers a nice swimming pool. Travellers from all over the world are welcome and with the help of our well-travelled team of staff you will have the best tips of the island ensuring the best of your stay.

- Internet - Wi-Fi
- Satellite TV-DVD
- Books, Games and Magazines
- Tours
- Breakfast Included
- Parking
- Parties
- Shared Rooms
- Private Rooms
- Towel (rental)
- Decked Swimming Pool
- Pool Table
- Common Kitchen
- Cocktail Bar
- Bicycles
- Hammocks
- Dinners

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is lovely and can comfortably fit a few of us in it. There is a deck which is perfect for relaxing and sunbathing and the surroundings offer shades from many of our trees.


In case you decide to come by car or even rent one from our partners the hostel offers 6 parking spaces absolutely free of charge. If it happens to be all busy we can negotiate the neibours parking spaces as well.

The Bar

Yes, there is a bar and we can make the perfect Caipirinha for you! Our Barman is ready to serve you quality drinks at a very good value. Happy Hours often do take place.


Our porch is probably the best place to be on lazy times. There is a few hammocks to place around the many hooks and the view is just amazing. It faces the swimming pool, the barbecue, and the widely open nature surrounding us.

Living Room

Our living room is quite ventilated and offers a cousy couch. There is a nice TV and many movies and channels to choose from. Books, games, cards and magazines are also available for you to enjoy.


We all like to sometimes just eat good food and relax without worring about food shopping, cooking, cleaning up, etc... so we usually organize dinners offering the best local dishes at a very friendly price which includes 1 free Caipirinha! It is subject to a minimum of 10 people so get together!


Ok, outdoor barbecues are our passion as you may know so not satisfied with one barbecue we have two barbecues, one traditional and one old fashion style. We will be often organizing barbecues for everybody, however, It is available for you to use at any time.

Pool Table

We have recently installed a brand new professional pool table between the bar and the barbecue area where you can have a few beers whilst playing with friends or even challenging other hostel guests, perfect for meeting new people.